Alison and her Daughter took the trip of a lifetime to Kayak Ningaloo Reef, WA. Here's how the Basecamp Journey went - in her own words!

Alison and her daughter took the trip of a lifetime to Kayak the Ningaloo Reef. Here's how the Basecamp Journey went, in her own words!

Getting into the groove

We started a little tentative, not really knowing what to expect. It was a wet start and an uncomfortable first night juggling wet bedding after a downpour. But as each day went by and we knew what to expect we got into the groove more and more.

The days were full and not too much spare time.

Lunch on the banks of the Clyde River
Camping on the Clyde River
reflections on the Clyde River

Extraordinary Guides

Gaz and Rosie really need to be commended. They went over and above and certainly put in huge days and would do anything for you. They were extremely diligent with everything from the food preparations – accommodating different food requirements – to planing our days around the weather and the wind.

Nothing seemed to faze them. They communicated well with each other and the group. Rosie an absolute systems guru!! A wonderful organiser.

Lunch on the banks of the Clyde River

Delicious Food

Sooo much food – we seemed to be eating lots – we no sooner finished breakfast and we were having morning tea – then lunch. 

There was lots of variety and all meals were well received.

All the Gear and Some Idea?

All the gear worked well – loved the red weather proof jacket! Although I feel my wetsuit may have been a little small – always an effort to get on.

One day I gave everyone a good laugh – being proud of myself putting the wetsuit on without help but it was back the front. A funny site walking down turquoise bay!! What a spot!!

Lunch on the banks of the Clyde River
Camping on the Clyde River

Underwater Wonderland

The underwater entertainment was amazing – a favourite spot was Osprey Bay (we visited twice) spending a 20 minute snorkel with a turtle that swam in front of me to shore. A highlight for me!!

Every dive site offered something different. One of the sites (forgot the name) was very shallow and I found it hard to snorkel so Gaz towed me around on the Hof!!


Lunch on the banks of the Clyde River
Camping on the Clyde River

A Rewarding Challenge

The kayaking on day 1 was challenging – Laura in the back and me in the front. Felt we did twice the paddle as everyone else – kayaking in a zig zag configuration.

Day 2 – we swapped over and improved each day, although always coming up the rear. We blamed the rudder for not working properly. We had fun and no crossed words. Just laughed at ourselves going around in circles at times.

We had two lovely hikes and it was good to spend some time on land and seeing the local wildlife and flora.

A New Perspective

The company was really enjoyable – we don’t normally travel in a group but everyone got along well and were happy to help when needed.

Laura made the comment that she liked retired people – they have lived their life and had so much knowledge to share and weren’t hustling to achieve something – like her friends!

Lunch on the banks of the Clyde River
Camping on the Clyde River

Life’s Little Luxuries

We got used to camping but were happy for a shower at the end of the week. Something I missed! Arriving at Mantarays was so good – having a shower, toilet and fresh sheets! 

The two diners were great – probably Whalers the better of the two.

Whale of a Time

We picked the best day in the week to visit the whale shark! The weather was perfect.

We were lucky to have 5 dives (I only did 4) with the whale sharks and 2 snorkels. One along the back of the rock ledge which they don’t do very often was amazing. The skipper hustled so hard to give the best day for all. Also seeing whales, dolphins, and dugongs.

The team on the boat were amazing – so professional! A great lunch also.

Lunch on the banks of the Clyde River
Camping on the Clyde River

A Trip to Remember

Everything was organised so well and couldn’t fault anything during the week. 

Laura and I had lots of laughs and she was proud how I kept up with everyone. It was a full on week – so much squeezed in each day. 

Laura found little pockets to get some work done – skipping a snorkel and taking her computer on the bus. But we both loved not having our phones. 

It was a memorable experience and can’t wait to go through the photos!

Want to Join next year? 

Ningaloo 2025 is on sale now!

  • 2025 June 15 – 22 (Base Camp)
  • 2025 June 22 – 28 (Expedition)
  • 2025 June 29 – July 5 (Base Camp)

Hit the link below for a detailed itinerary and booking info!