7 Reasons to go Winter Hiking in Murramarang

7 Reasons to go Winter Hiking in Murramarang

Winter is great for snuggling up indoors with a good book, but it’s also a fantastic time to hike! ESPECIALLY in the magical Murramarang National Park. From crisp air to peaceful trails, there are numerous reasons why you should consider strapping on your boots and hitting the trails during the winter months.

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A Local Guide to Summer on the South Coast

A Local Guide to Summer on the South Coast

Summer is here, and there's no better place to soak up the sun than the NSW Far South Coast! We're here to help you experience it like a local from Batemans Bay to Bingie. Whether you're a nature lover, a foodie, or an adventure seeker, there's something for everyone...

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Behind the name.

People often ask about the business name, why Region X???

Region X started in Patagonia after years running high end river expeditions for other companies in the Tenth region of Chile. We started bringing our own customers down to our base camp on the confluence of the Futaleufu river and the Rio Azul, on the Chilean side of the Patagonian Andes.

The provinces in Chile are numbered 1 -12 in Roman Numerals from North to South. Our operation guided experienced kayakers on the best and most challenging rivers in the tenth region of Chile, “Region X” and the name stuck and grew.

During the 5th Patagonian summer season Kate and Josh received welcome news from an Argentine border doctor of an addition to the family. As a result they headed back to Batemans Bay, a place familiar to Josh’s to grow a family and commit to starting the Australian “arm” of “Region X”.

So the story began in Australia during Easter of 2006, constructed a business plan, sourced equipment, guides and offered kayak experiences around our local marine environment.

Our school programs and corporate events are tailored packages, by working together we can deliver high class end results to suit your needs.


Josh Waterson, Ba Appl Sci, Toursim Management and Kate Waterson Cert 2 in Small Business Management, and their team build on extensive knowledge and experience working as professional kayak instructors and white water raft guides in wilderness environments throughout:

  • Victorian Alpine rivers
  • Franklin River Tasmania
  • Patagonian Andes in Chile and Argentina
  • Brazils jungle rivers, Peru’s Andean Urubamba
  • Cotahuasi, Colca and Apurimac rivers, High Altai mountains in Siberia,
  • Italian, Switzerland and Austrian Alps
  • High Atlas mountains in Morocco
  • Eastern Turkey on the Coruh
  • Uganda on the White Nile, and Zimbabwae and Zambia on the famous Zambezi river
Josh and his wife Kate, fellow director and their team have a clear understanding about working in sensitive landscapes and cultures with people from all backgrounds.

Paddling to mystical destinations is one of the simple pleasures in our world and we love it. Viewing ocean creatures, sea grass beds, mangrove forests, being up close with nature day in, day out is a special role we take pride in. Josh Waterson – director 

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