Get more from your Sit in kayak – part 1

Get more from your kayak! Sit in skills and adventure session part 1

Kayak Skills basics!

Join the kayaking community, upskill and have fun!

Wildlife Encounters

Finding amazing animals is one of the simple pleasures of kayaking.


This is a ‘Discovery’ program for novice adult kayakers, first timers and excited beginners

Experience Overview

Location: Batemans Bay Area 

Duration: 1 x 4hrs 

Package Includes

  • Understand basic equipment what is needed and why
  • Obtain a good kayak fit and work through mobility issues
  • Learn to read basic weather and water conditions
  • Explore key paddle strokes
  • Practise easy entering, landing and exit sit on top techniques 
  • Paddle trips – enjoy the water! 

    Features & Highlights

    • Perfect for beginners!
    • Learn kayaking skills
    • Make new friends
    • Build to session 2 and practice rescues, trip planning and paddle to new locations 

    Enrol and embark on an exciting adventure enjoying beautiful scenery developing skills, this session will develop confidence and skills to join our social paddle group.

    the program

    Mossy boat ramp cafe


    • Clothes you’re happy to get damp (activewear is great!)
    • A wetsuit is recommended for session 2 rescue days
    • Sun protection (hat, sunscreen, sunglasses)
    • A warm layer and a beanie in colder months
    • Water shoes, or old sneakers
    • A bottle of water
    • A towel for after


    • All the kayaking equipment required (welcome to byo for a discount) 
    • Qualified Kayak Instructors
    • Splash jackets
    • A Certification of Completion
    • Light refreshments
    • A digital photo album of your lesson 

    What is Ecotourism? By choosing this Ecotourism Experience you are making a conscious decision to reduce impact by promoting sustainable travel that benefits local communities, culture, and heritage and ultimately the environment.


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