Ever heard of kayak camping? It’s kind of like overnight hiking, minus the heavy pack and sore feet!

Picture yourself paddling gently along a pristine waterway, a kayak full of everything you need for a comfortable nights camp, on your way to a night under the stars.

Kayak Camping Journeys are one of our favourite things here at Region X – both at work and in our own time!

Here’s why we love them so much:

1) Perfect for Beginners

Camping on the Clyde River

Kayak camping is the ideal choice for newcomers to both camping and kayaking. Why? Because it’s easier than you might think. Unlike lugging around a heavy backpack on a strenuous hike, kayak camping lets you load up your kayak with gear, which you can transport effortlessly on the water. No need to worry about steep terrain or long trails, making it an accessible adventure for beginners.

2) Comfortable Load Carrying

One of the best things about kayak camping is the ease with which you can carry a lot of gear. Modern kayaks come equipped with spacious storage compartments that keep your belongings dry and secure. This means you can pack all the camping comforts you desire, like a plush sleeping bag, a cozy sleeping pad, a campfire-worthy cooking setup, and more. Say goodbye to the days of minimalism; kayak camping lets you enjoy your trip in comfort.

Lunch on the banks of the Clyde River

3) Relaxing Travel

Picture yourself gently paddling along calm waters, the sun warming your skin, and the tranquil surroundings soothing your soul. That’s the magic of kayak camping. It’s not just a journey; it’s a relaxing and peaceful way to explore the great outdoors. Leave behind the hustle and bustle of city life and let the water carry you away on a kayak journey of serenity.

Camping on the Clyde River

4) Access to Hidden Natural Wonders

When you go kayak camping, you gain access to parts of nature that are typically out of reach. Unlike traditional campsites accessible only by land, kayaks can take you to secluded islands, tranquil riverbanks, and remote coves that remain hidden from the masses. Imagine setting up camp in these serene, untouched environments, surrounded by the beauty of nature.


Clyde river Kayak

5) Flexibility for Groups

Kayak camping isn’t just for solo adventurers. It’s a flexible and easy way to accommodate large groups of friends or family. With the capacity to carry ample gear and multiple kayaks, you can embark on a group kayak journey, creating cherished memories together. Share stories around the campfire, cook delicious meals, and bond with your fellow campers in a setting that’s both intimate and breathtaking.

Clyde river Kayak

How to Go Kayak Camping:

  1. Choose Your Kayak: Start by selecting a stable recreational kayak, with storage compartments for your gear. 
  2. Pack Smart: Gather your camping essentials, ensuring you have the right gear for your kayak journey. Waterproof tents, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, and appropriate clothing are must-haves.
  3. Plan Your Route: Research your chosen waterway, identify potential campsites, and check for any required permits or regulations. Tailor your kayak journey to your group’s skill level and desired adventure.
  4. Safety First: Prioritize safety with essential equipment like life jackets, navigation tools, and a comprehensive first-aid kit.
  5. Enjoy the Experience: Relax, unwind, and savor the beauty of nature as you embark on your kayak camping adventure. Make the most of this flexible and comfortable way to explore the great outdoors.
Cape Range National Park

Not confident going on your own? Come along with us! 

Region X runs 2 and 3-day guided journeys along the Bhundoo/Clyde Rover and in the coastal coves around Batemans Bay all year round. We provide all camping gear and food plus a skilled and knowledgeable guide to make your experience extra special. We love it and we know you will too! 

You can also hire kayaks, safety gear and camping gear and book a shuttle if you’d like to tackle it on your own.

Kayak camping offers a fantastic opportunity for beginners and intermediate campers and kayakers to enjoy a comfortable and memorable kayak journey.

It’s an accessible, relaxing, and flexible way to explore nature’s hidden gems, all while enjoying the comforts of camping. It’s an adventure you won’t soon forget!