Paddling Congo Creek NSW


The quiet and peaceful community of Congo near Moruya is the backdrop to a pleasant paddle up Congo Creek.  This is something that I had wanted to do since visiting Congo all those years ago and this went beyond my expectations.  Starting in the shallows next to the houses we paddled west into a larger lagoon area with a reed bank on the left, the first thing that you noticed was the quietness of the area.  All that was audible was the soft sounds of the birds.  As we paddled further up the creek it seemed that it got more peaceful.  The Creek snaked westerly, grabbing our attention as we navigated the fallen trees, branches and narrows of the creek system allowing us to explore further and enjoy the fun paddle around the logs.  

Whilst taking our time to explore further up the creek system the bird and animal life went about their business, the Water Dragons sat on the fallen logs trying to find as much sun to warm up as possible. The colourful Azure kingfishers, skipped from branch to branch just a metre above the water. Moving slowly up the creek it allowed plenty of time to watch a family of little wrens move from branch to branch searching for their next meal. It seemed like we chased the same two Cormorants up the creek as soon as we got too close they would continue up the creek guiding us to our destination.  

With each twist of the creek there was something different, the sandy high sides of the bank with the gum trees sheltering us to the reeds and grassess around the next corner, always inviting us to explore further.  This for me is what kayaking and adventuring is about, exploring the unknown, the excitement of what is around the next corner.  Maneuvering the kayaks under and around fallen trees and branches.  Listening to just the birds and your thoughts, with nobody else around. More than well worth it.  Congo I will be back and hopefully soon – Garran. 

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