What (and where) on earth is Region X?


Waaay back in 2006, Josh Waterson was off galivanting through Chile, guiding some of the most hectic white-water rafting expeditions on the planet.


While leading high-end tours on the Futaleufu River in Tenth Region of Chile (in Roman numerals), he heard the happy news that his beautiful traveling companion Kate (now his wife) was pregnant!


Making the very adult decision to trade their adrenalin-fuelled life in Chile for the slightly more tranquil pace of Batemans Bay, Australia, they came home to start family. Not content with any old humdrum 9 to 5 to support their growing tribe, Josh and Kate decided to create an ecotour company that incorporated their adoration for water, kayaking and environmental conservation, while paying homage to their previous intrepid life in South America.


And Region X was born!


Now years on, Josh, Kate, their three daughters and dog Chile continue to live and breathe water-based adventure, and Region X – once a small operation run from a dilapidated boatshed – has grown from strength-to-strength.


With a dynamic team of adventure-lovers who share the values of the Waterson family, Region X now offers a wide range of exciting experiences within the Batemans Bay region and beyond.


From short family-friendly kayak tours, to ocean-based and multiday adventures and programs, their mission is to provide achievable and exciting outdoor adventures to people from all walks of life.


And whatever happened to that dilapidated boatshed? Well, they flipped it into a retro cafe with kayak hire, and Kate now runs one of the best coffee shops in town (we’re a bit biased, but go and see it for yourself!)


Region X might be a far cry from Los Lagos, Chile, yet that same playful sense of wonder and zest for life Josh found in those fast stretches of glacial water courses through its veins.


And you’ve just become a part of the journey! We hope you enjoy the ride.


The Region X Family









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