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Sea Kayak Tuition

Region X can set you up for safe adventures simply by joining us for a lesson. The knowledge and skills you learn will be vital in enjoying the sport of kayaking in safety and comfort.

Prepare for an adventure of a lifetime and learn the basics of the most primitive form of travel – kayaking

We tailor our lessons to suit you needs, customers often visit us to learn sea kayaking prior to bigger adventures with Aurora Expeditions (who offer sea kayaking in amazing locations around the world).

We typically take you through the process to work out

  1. where you are at,
  2. what you need and
  3. offer a package to suit your timeframe.

Some people want the lesson to last a morning or a day, others like to have a few visits and cover a larger amount of topics.

Our lessons can cover

  • Sea Kayak equipment
  • Sea Kayak basic skills
  • Sea Kayak advanced skills
  • Sea Kayak Touring
  • Reading weather, tides, conditions
  • Sea Kayak Rolling

Sit on Top Tuition

Sit on tops have exploded in popularity and it is wise if your a complete beginner to learn the basics, we can help you there too!

Drop us a line with your requirements and dates:


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