The ultimate sit on top kayaks for single kayakers after a stable, fast kayak with a foot controlled rudder and plenty of room.

The advantages

  • Stablity
  • Speed
  • Storage
  • Easy to get in and out

These 4 reasons are enough for me to recommend the Glide 390 as a great sit on top kayak for fishing, snorkeling, enjoying a river, lake, quiet bay or tidal estuary.

Where do we use these kayaks?

Region X use these kayaks as guide kayaks on our kayak snorkel tours, the room and stability in these  kayaks allows us to carry snorkel gear, morning tea, rescue equipment and still leave room to easilty anchor and get in and out of your kayak with snorkel gear on.

So if you are into diving, fishing, or carrying a camera these kayaks are brilliant!

Check one out at the new Region X Batemans Bay office. We would be happy to give you a test paddle and remember we can always get stock of any quality Mission kayak made in New Zealand. 

region x glide 390