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Arctic and Antarctic Expeditions


Aurora Expeditions and Region X have partnered to bring you amazing kayaking adventures. Our program offers you the chance to experience ship board comfort and sea kayaking for wildlife encounters in two amazing locations – Antarctica and the European Arctic.

‘Getting out amongst it’ is Aurora’s philosophy, and that’s exactly what you’ll do when you join one of these amazing adventures, the added bonus of Sea kayaking opportunities on these voyages allows for the most humbling experience.

“By Partnering with Aurora – a market leader in Polar journeys, we hope to encourage and connect those who share a common love of new and exciting kayaking experiences and learn about unique environments. Continuing to provide a range of these adventures to our customers will be an exciting direction for us moving forward.”

Josh Waterson – Director Region X

Sunset in Antarctica from the deck of Polar Pioneer

Sunset in Antarctica from the deck of Polar Pioneer

Kayak with Adelie Penguins – Antarctica

Kayaking in Antarctica – 2016 – Aurora Expeditions








On and Aurora Tour you will be joined by our team of polar environment experts, and travel aboard safe and comfortable ice-strengthened 54-passenger “Polar Pioneer” for an intimate, adventure- packed voyage to some of the world’s most incredible destinations. Whether you’ll be paddling between brash ice and icebergs in the Arctic, or quietly skim past penguin rookeries and sleepy seals in Antarctica, this will take your sense of adventure to the next level!



February 17 – 27, 2018 – Sailing along the Antarctic Peninsula and the isolated Weddell Sea, our small-ship adventure allows for plenty of time to explore. Paddle through secret coves alive with playful seals and busy penguin rookeries, visit historic research station, fossil-rich volcanic islands or simply relax and absorb the majestic scenery from our Zodiacs! Learn More

Kayak with amazing Antarctic Wildlife

Kayak with amazing Antarctic Wildlife

Paddle past amazing icebergs

Paddle past amazing icebergs

Antarctic Iceberg

See Antarctic Icebergs from your cabin








“My third trip to Antarctica and the best ever, with kayaking – six awesome kayak trips, wonderful food and lots of adventure in a pristine part of the world!”

Phoebe R. – February, 2015


August 18 – 31, 2017 – and July 7 – 27 2018 In the Arctic, prepare to experience sensational wildlife encounters such as walrus, polar bears and various sea birds. Kayak through Scoresby Sound, the world’s largest fiord system, and witness the world’s largest icebergs, enjoy magnificent tundra walks and visit Inuit communities to learn all about the Arctic way of life. Learn More


Kayaking in Spitsbergen – Arctic – Aurora Expeditions

Polar Bear in Spitsbergen - Arctic

Polar Bear in Spitsbergen – Arctic

Float the Arctic

Relaxing kayak days in the Arctic






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